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The History of Bohemia 

The History of Bohemia 

I have owned Chesapeakes for over 30 years and they have been a very special part of my life.

My first Chesapeake "Maddie" showed me how wonderful these dogs truly are. 

Bohemia officially began in March of 2004, when our foundation bitch Wye Knot Amberlin of the Bohemia "Amber" was born. I acquired Amber from Don & Jackie Potter who are long time breeders of Chesapeakes under the Wye Knot prefix. Don and his father before him produced many generations of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers on the eastern shore of Maryland. Amber was my first Chesapeake to tie back to the earlier eastern shore lines. She was featured in a National Geographic documentary as the faithful companion of a teenage boy.


I became involved with breeding and started actively pursuing conformation showing with my chessies in 2005. Amber was shown and eventually whelped 2 litters. She was bred to

"Chesmal's Jesse James" in 2009 and produced CH Bohemia's Lost Cast Away AKA Wilson

 "Wilson". His lines trace back to Fergie's Happy Time and Chesdel Chippewa Chief. I began showing Wilson in 2011 and he soon earned his Championship. My goal was to eventually find a puppy bitch that would complement Wilson's style and bloodlines and I acquired Wayland's Wild Cherry Lifesaver "Cherry" from Kim Kramer in 2015.

Cherry was shown extensively as a puppy beginning in 2016 and quickly earned her AKC Championship and Grand Championship.  I began more heavily competing in conformation showing around this time and it has taken me on many unforgettable journeys. Since starting her show career, Cherry has consistently been ranked among the top Chesapeakes in the country.

Cherry has achieved a high level of success in numerous disciplines including the show ring, dock diving, and rally. She has propelled Bohemia to new heights and made many wonderful

experiences possible. We look forward to the future of Bohemia with her at the forefront.

What started 30 years ago continues today as a labor of love with these truly wonderful dogs. 

Bohemia Dogs Bohemia Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
Bohemia Dogs Bohemia Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
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